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All the listed websites/servers are ranked by the number of unique votes received each month.

We reset the number of votes on the first day of each month.

You must agree to not use any kind of automated voting system, proxy servers, vpn, scripts or any other mechanism or application that could lead to an unfair higher amount of votes for your listed website/server.

If you are caught cheating our voting system to gain advantage, in any possible way, we will reset your votes and disable/freeze your account.

Sites that are solely dedicated to hacking or cracking are not allowed and will be removed from the top list.

Sites that contain adult content like erotic, nudity are not allowed and will be swiftly removed.

You must have the voting link on the actual site and its content, otherwise your site will be removed from the top list.

You are not allowed to use any other method where the user doesn't arrive at the voting link without the users own explicit actions.

Each site/server must be ranked individually, you are not allowed to have two different sites/servers under the same site-id number.


Trading, selling or giving away accounts is forbidden.

Websites and fake servers containing advertisement only are not allowed, we will remove these sites without warning!

You agree that the webmaster will have the right to remove, edit or move your website in the listing from the top list if we suspect that you are cheating in any way or if we think your site contains anything inappropriate.

We will not hand out any information stored in the database to any third party without the webmasters consent.

If you think anyone on the top list is breaking any of the rules please Contact Us

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